Technology & Efficiency

Traditionally, clients desiring aggressive and experienced attorneys are faced with exorbitant hourly rates and/or high bills for services from large defense firms. These increased rates are often tied to high overhead.

Beginning with its inception and continuing to the present, Wright & O'Donnell strives for efficient legal representation for all of its clients. This includes an extremely efficient office organization, coupled with a highly advanced computer system that is constantly being updated to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the legal profession.

Wright & O'Donnell has direct access through its computer system to the computer data bases in most of the Federal and State Courthouses in the area. This means that the firm and the firm's clients have direct access to the most current information on the case dockets, and also direct access to perform miscellaneous tasks, such as name searches conducted in an effort to ascertain whether a particular individual is litigious. Often, this can lead to information that is especially useful in defending personal injury claims. This information is available at a fraction of the cost and time involved in obtaining the same information using outside vendors.

In addition to the foregoing, all of our attorneys have direct access to two of the most up to date legal research data bases in the United States. Using these data bases, our attorneys have access to not only all of the statutes and case law in every jurisdiction in the United States, but also the public records available in every jurisdiction. When coupled with the information we obtain directly from the court dockets, these become powerful tools in defeating or minimizing claims. Moreover, Wright & O'Donnell has negotiated a flat rate for use of these data bases; therefore, our clients are given the most current legal information and public records available, usually at no additional cost.